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Metal Foil Labels.

TCE Ltd manufacture aluminium foil labels printed with logo and text.

Labels can be hand written by pen.

Labels are approx. 0.1mm thick aluminium complete with self adhesive backing.

 Corners can be square
or rounded.

Labels made to most
shapes and sizes

Labels are screen printed
to specific colours.

Quantities available from 500+ off.


Silver Polyester Labels

Brushed Polyester labels
printed with logo / text.

Labels can be hand written by pen.

Labels can have sequential number
printed onto them.

Complete with self adhesive backing.

Labels made to any shapes and sizes

Quantities available from 100+ off.
Depending on size


TCE manufacture all types of engraved and printed nameplates and plaques, door and desk nameplates, domed labels and nameplates, aluminium & stainless steel nameplates. We can also supply a stainless steel nylon coated wire fixing system for attaching nameplates and labels - Please call for further information and pricing.

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